METIS Analytics seeks to improve outcomes of development aid investments by expanding the role and importance of M&E and performance analysis. We provide our clients with a set of rigorous and practical analytical solutions to understand, disseminate, and ultimately enhance the performance of their investment. We specialise in three core areas:


METIS designs, reviews and operates innovative and integrated performance assessment systems that provide routine information on implementation progress and quality for large social development programs. The design of our systems are guided by a detailed analysis of the programs’ theory of change and are founded on a desire to create the conditions in which utilisation of evidence for management purposes is most likely to occur.



METIS specialises in the design of evaluation studies that provide a detailed understanding of the magnitude and pattern of changes attributable to the investment. We carry out impact evaluation based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative tools, and we provide methodological expertise to the implementation of strategic reviews, such as thematic/ country portfolio evaluations, mid-term reviews and ex-post assessments.



METIS designs and carries out a range of research studies to support the knowledge base of aid investments and provide critical insights into factors of influence on performance. We specialise in the development of contextual analysis such as political economy analysis, and also provide methodological expertise for specific pieces of action-oriented research.