"The development challenge is not to avoid the risk that comes with charting new paths. It is not to deny failure. It is to learn, to remember, and to apply what is being remembered. That is the difference between information – of which we have so much today – and knowledge, of which we seem to have far too little." Ian Smillie (2009).


Our services are premised on the belief that social progress is a complex, non-linear and emergent process that eventuates on the basis of innovation, learning and adaptive behaviours. Public and private investments in social development can act as catalyst for real progress but to be effective need to be supported by appropriate feedback loops and a commitment to learn and adapt. Our analytical solutions provide evidence on what works and identify the mechanisms which are shaping positive outcomes in order to secure better results for beneficiary communities.


METIS Analytics was incorporated in June 2013 based on a shared desire to supply rigorous analytical solutions to clients who needed better evidence to understand and promote the effectiveness of their investment. Founding principals, John and Laurent, believe that the best approach to address this need was to gather together a group of professionals committed to the advancement of the performance agenda in international development. As a team, METIS is able to effectively provide solutions to measure, understand and improve the performance of aid investments, and ultimately improve their impact on the lives of beneficiary communities.

In Greek mythology, METIS was the Titan goddess of good counsel, advise, planning, craftiness and resourcefulness. Mother of Athena, goddess of wisdom, she was perceived as one of the most intelligent of all Gods. The Greek word metis meant a quality that combined wisdom and cunning, considered to be highly admirable and regarded as a noble characteristic of the Athenian character.

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