Our team provides expert advice to design, implement and review monitoring systems for aid investments. Drawing upon a diverse range of sector and geographic experiences, the systems we design are tailored to generate relevant and timely performance information to support the continuous improvement and management of targeted interventions. We provide monitoring expertise in three complimentary key areas: (1) performance assessment systems; (2) complex data collection operations; (3) MIS and database management.


The systems we develop are based on an analysis of the theory of change of each investment and a clear definition of the question to be answered and related performance information to be collected. Our performance assessment systems link the architecture of investment objectives with measurable indicators and viable data collection strategies and always ensure that credible information about planned results is available in timely fashion.


The success of social development investments often relies on an ability to generate accurate data. We specialise in the design and implementation of large scale quantitative surveys and qualitative methods to generate data tailored to the needs of decision-makers in the field, whether it is to demonstrate impact, generate awareness or investigate specific issues.


A wealth of data gathered with the intention to inform stakeholders is frequently left underutilized. We help clients to better manage large dataset by creating user-friendly database and MIS and ensure ongoing information can be extracted and presented to inform decision-making in real time.

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