We design and implement evaluation studies that provide credible evidence of the magnitude and pattern of changes attributable to an investment, coupled with an detailed understanding of how and why these changes are occurring. We develop comprehensive approaches to assess the impact of aid investments based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative tools that take into consideration contextual factors, implementation quality and critical analysis of the design assumptions.


Increasingly, there is a need to demonstrate a causal link between an investment and its impacts. We develop evaluation strategies that identify opportunities for demonstrating attribution of impacts based on experimental and quasi-experimental approaches. While the emphasis on quantitative evidence is increasing, the importance of understanding how impacts are emerging within the institutional and local contexts of an investment is critical to improving its performance. We design and implement impact evaluations based on mixed methods approaches that are pairing quantitative components with a set of qualitative and experiential learning tools to demonstrate and explain the detailed process by which changes in outcomes occur.


Aid investments are sometimes designed based a set of assumptions that are not verified once implementation begins. Influential factors at stake are multiple and often unforeseen or at least unexpected. Implementation reviews, wether before (ex-ante), during (mid-term) of after (ex-post) the implementation period, offer opportunities to reflect on these factors and the success of the investment implementation. We help clients discerning what are the important questions to be answered through these reviews and design crafted methodologies to answer these questions.


Investments are not planned or operated in isolation. There are often similar type of efforts produced within a same geography, sector or funded by a same organisation. Portfolio assessments - whether thematic, country or sector based - are useful tools to analyse, compare and summarise similar types of investments. We design and manage portfolio assessment based on robust comparative methods and synthesis frameworks that enable clients to make sense of a diverse set of information while learning from successes and failures of individual operations.

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